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Latest News : Orac Commissioning Run, October 1999

Draft ORAC userguides available here



Project Description

What is it?

ORAC = Observatory Reduction and Acquisition Control

It is a project which addresses the future of UKIRT data reduction and high level instrument control.

Three major instrumentation software requirements have been identified as being of importance to UKIRT's long term future:

  1. An improved observing preparation system which will become the core of the observing interface to UKIRT. This will replace the current UKIRT_PREP system with one that uses astronomically based input and can be run from the observer's home institution with the minimum of software requirements.
  2. An improved on line data reduction system for current and future UKIRT instruments (UKIRTDR). This will be a complete replacement for CGS4DR and IRCAMDR, supporting pipelined image and spectroscopic data reduction
  3. An Observatory Control System (OCS) which will be used for planning, scheduling and running observations at the telescope. This will result in increased observing efficiency and flexibility, thereby maintaining UKIRT's competitiveness in the Gemini era.

Who is doing it?

The project is a joint project between the UK Astronomy Technology Centre and the Joint Astronomy Centre, Hilo, Hawaii.
Project Scientist
Gillian Wright (UKATC)
Project Manager
Alan Bridger (UKATC)
Project team
Frossie Economou (JAC)
Malcolm Currie (JAC)
Min Tan (UKATC)

In addition there is overlap with the Michelle project software and thus there will be also be effort from members of the Michelle software team.

Finally, of course, astronomers and instrument builders at JAC and ATC will be consulted, and UKIRT observers are particularly encouraged to comment.

Is there more information?

The documentation for the ORAC project is being produced mostly in Framemaker and is being made available on the WWW. If you are interested in finding out more take a look at the documentation index.

A poster paper on ORAC was given at the ADASS '97 conference in Sonthofen, Baviaria in September 1997. This will appear in the proceedings, to be published as part of the ASP Conference Series. The slides from the paper are also available.

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