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Matjaz Vidmar

BSc (Hon) Physics, MSc SaTiS, MSc (Res) STS


Postgraduate Research Student (PhD),
Science Technology and Innovation Studies,
School of Social and Political Science,
The University of Edinburgh

"UK/Scottish Space Sector and Innovation"
ESRC funded doctoral scolarship
in reserach collaboration with the STFC

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After another succesful edition of Edinburgh Fringe with Cabaret of Dangereous Ideas, this time around talking about anything and everything Outer Space and food, I have yet again been invited on a short tour with the show, this time visiting some of Scotland's finest astronomy clubs and societies.

Combining several of the previous Cabaret shows, the resulting mix is light hearted exploration of life in and out of various orbits with topics on astronaut food in space and on Earth, satellite surveillance of your back yard and establishing a new empire in the sky with Lunar and Martian colonies. With some discussion, jokes, and even a tiny bit of terrible tasting poetry; what is not to like?

Anyway, here is all the info:

NEW: "What are They REALLY doing Up There?" Tour

Upcoming events:

--> 19th February 2019, 7.30pm at Tweeeddale Astronomical Society, Community Centre in Peebles

Past events:

--> 14th November 2018, 7pm, Astronomy on Tap, The Tron pub in Edinburgh (TRAILER PREVIEW)

-->16th November 2018, 8.30pm at Aidrie Astronomical Association, New Wellwynd Parish Church in Airdrie

Many thanks to the Beltane Public Engagement Network and especially the Cabaret of Dangereous Ideas (CoDI) team for all their hard work and help, as well as School of Social and Political Science Studnet Development Office for financial (and moral!) support over the years.

Hope to see you there!

A couple of promotional videos for the CoDI shows (done for the Fringe events, but sort of applicable to this new coctail edition as well!)

       Working with real Stars - Fiona McAndrew

To most this will not come as a surprise: over the past few years I have been working on several arts and science projects. One of the latest ones in this series of collaborations I have been involved with is the production of "The Waders' Lullaby" with multimedia artist, Fiona McAndrew.
Fiona was an Artist In Residence at the Edinbrugh College Of Art (ECA) since September 2017 and has worked on a touching annimation about the yearly Iceland-Scotland migration of godwits to accompany a beautiful lullaby she has composed earlier on.
You can find out more about her journey (and my minimal involvement!) in a blog she wrote about it all.

The video on the left is the product of her amazing creativity

About Me

I am a postgraduate research student in The Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation; part of Science, Technology and Innovation Studies Subject Group in the School of Social and Political Science and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group of Business School; at The University of Edinburgh. I am also a member of the Centre for Knowledge, Science and Policy - SKAPE and of the Social Informatics Cluster; and I co-convene Social Network Analysis in Scotland (SNAS) group.

I am based at The Royal Observatory Edinburgh as my work is closely linked to projects run by The Institute for Astronomy and STFC - Science and Technology Facilities Council's UK Astronomy Technology Centre (ATC), in particular ATC Innovations and STFC Impact Evaluations teams.

My main area of research is acceleration of business incubation and development of Space Sector in the UK and specifically in Scotland (see bellow).
I am currently in my fourth year of a 1+3 (MSC by Research + PhD) project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) through the Scottish Graduate School in Social Science   Pathway studentship.

Previously, I completed a (BSc) Physics degree (2.1 class) and a (taught) MSc in Science and Technology in Society (SaTiS), both at the University of Edinburgh.
As a Physics student I specilaised in Astronomy and Astronomical Technology, whereas my main research project for SaTiS was related to the impact of European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) and its innovation on the UK.

In my professional roles, I am a member of the UK Association for Studies in Innovation Science and Technology (AsSIST-UK) and represent PG students and early career researchers on its Strategy Group via the Postgraduate Forum in Science, Techhnology and Innovation Studies (PF-STIS). I am also a member of European Assoaciation for Study of Science andt Technoogy (EASST), a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS), a Member of the Institute of Physics (IoP) and a Member of the British Interplanetary Society (BIS), as well as a member of UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Outer Space (UK SEDS).
I am also the Chairman and Policy Lead of
Gateway Earth Development Group and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Programmes and Special Projects (Europe) at the Astrosociology Research Institute.

Any preprints and a complete list of publications are available from
You can also follw a (hopefully!) more comprehensive version my research through my research blog.
For more general news, images and comments, feel free to find me on Twitter or Instagram.


Social and Political Science

Business School



ATC Innovations

ESRC     Scottish Graduate School in Social Science

UK/Scottish Space Sector and Innovation

Supervisors: Dr Alessandro Rosiello, Dr Julian Dines, Claire Dougan-McCallie, Dr Niki Vermeulen, Prof Robin Williams, Prof Wayne Holland

My primary research interests are in innovation and the crucial part it plays in advanced research programmes in natural sciences and engineering. I particularly focus on developments connected to Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Exploration.

In this project I am focusing on the innovation and technology transfer in the Space sector in the UK, and in poarticular in Scotland. My thesis is that to conceptualise the innovation in this high-tech sector we need to better understand the links between actual product development and the knowledge co-creation and acquisition through innovation networks.Hence, insights from the literature as well as an in-depth study of successful innovation management in companies accross the sector and other technology transfer and R&D support porgrammes can play a vital role in delivering the current objectives for UK Space sector's expansion.

This expansion is a key UK economic policy goal and public funding institutions working in this field are very keen forming an integrated approach to achieving the desired impact outcomes. One of the main public funding bodies in the Space sector is this project's collaborating partner, Science and Technologies Facilities Council (STFC), who are involved in launching a series of new projects in and around Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, in order to stimulate growth and capitalise on excellent basic and applied research undertaken in the area by public and private research programmes.

One of these new projects is the Higgs Centre for Innovation (HCI), which will be at the centre of my work, as I will be able to access and participate in the strategic development of its programme.

Studies of Astronomy and Innovation

I also have a broad interest in the Sociological, Philosophical, Historical and Pedagogical studies of Astronomy, Astrophysics, and related technological and social advancement. I am working on several several (smaller) research projects about these topics, drawing on the resources at the Univeristy of Edinbugrh and at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, in particular the Crawford Library.

  • Public Understanding of Astronomy and Astronomical Technology

    I am part of the public engagement team at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh Visitor Centre and have developed several educational resources on Astronomy and related topics (do get in touch if this is potentially of interest!). I have also developed a whole variety of one-off projects and talks, which I regularely delivered accross Scotland - including some very remote parts: here is one visit to Islay and another to Orkney - and internationally. (See Recent Public Talks section for more details).

  • Science Policy and Evaluation

    I am also engaging with questions of impact generation and evaluation in "Big Science", about which I tutor and lecture, including on a postgraduate course, Evaluation Reserach Methods, at the Univerity of Edinburgh. I am also exploring the use of multimedia technologies in presenting research and research findings. Related to this later interest, I have launched Student Research Films series, a series of 60sec videos about research undertaken by students at the University of Edinburgh.(If interested to take part, have a look at the resources webpage.)

  • Space Policy, Innovation and Journalism

    I regularely contribute public articles for Popular Astronomy Magazine and Space and Scotland, writting about space policy, innovation and other developments in the Space Research and Industry. Some of the key pieces are also available as pre-prints on my blog. I also make occasional appearances on radio (mainly in Slovenia/n).


Even More Stuff?

Me and baby comet

Me and my baby comet at Glasgow Science Centre, August 2014


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