I completed my MPhys Astrophysics at the University of Edinburgh in 2014, graduating with first class honours, and I was awarded the Emerson prize for top of year. My masters thesis involved computing photometric redshifts for the VST ATLAS survey using random forest regression and can be found here. I also completed a summer project in 2013 at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh on the same topic. Since September 2014 I have been studying for my PhD at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh and expect to graduate in August 2018. I was awarded a 6 month studentship to study at ESO Garching between September 2016 and March 2017. Recently I competed in the 3 Minute Thesis competition, reaching the college finals.


I gave three 1.5 hour lectures as part of a series on the distant Universe, offered by Edinburgh Unviersity's Office of Lifelong Learning. These can be found at the following links: Observing the Universe The Solar System The Milky Way.


I have demonstrated for various undergraduate courses at both junior and senior honours level over the last 3 years, averaging about 6 hours of teaching per week. The courses include introductory astrophysics (1st & 2nd year), MPhys presentation training (5th year), Radiation and Matter (4th & 5th year), Maths for Physics (1st & 2nd year), spectroscopy laboratory (3rd year) and observational projects with the University telescope (3rd & 4th year). I have also taught a 3 week long course (13 x 3 hours) at the International Summer School of Scotland (ISSOS) for students aged between 13-18 enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.



When I was a younger man, I competed at a national level in Scottish badminton. Those days are long gone, but I've played for the Edinburgh University 1st team for the last 8 years and captained the team throughout the 2012/13 season. This involves regular fitness training, practice and travel to other Scottish and English Universities.

Other sports

I also play squash, table tennis and tennis to a decent level. I regularly run and swim and I'm setting my sights on some triathlons this year! I used to play regularly for a physics football team called the 'Feynmen' in an 11-a-side Sunday league. We didn't do great.


I've played guitar on and off for about 15 years, and try to play acoustic fingerstyle stuff like this. Mostly ends up being something I wish I could spend more time doing!

The Scottish highlands

I'm originally from up north in Scotland and love getting back to do some walking. In April 2017 we walked the west highland way, a beautiful route through the mountains which connects Glasgow and Fort William.

Alpha Course

I'm a Christian and part of central church in Edinburgh. I've helped out with several alpha courses over the last couple of years, which give people a chance to ask questions about life and christianity (with a free meal).