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Class GesCal

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Semester dates and missing observations for the OSA.

Instance Methods [hide private]

Inherited from ObsCal: checkDate, checkSem, createNotObsDateDict, dateRange, getDates, getDatesFromInput, getFirstLight, getMonthSemDict, getObsDates, getSemDayList, getSemList, getSemMonthList, getSemester, maxVers, maxVersOfDate, minVers, minVersOfDate, notObsDates

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Static Methods [hide private]

Inherited from ObsCal: formatDate, formatSemester, getAll, getMonth, getToday

Class Variables [hide private]
  semDates = {'ALL': DateRange(begin='20040101', end='20201231')}
semester start and end date, eg: "2005A":("20050401", "20050620")
  versNums = {'ALL': ['2.00']}
version numbers, eg: "2005A":['1','2','3']
  notObsDateStr = {'ALL': ()}
list of dateStr of dates without observations

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