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Module NonSurveyRelease

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Releases non-survey data up to the given last night. First prepares the non-survey data by applying quality control, before automatically determining what kind of survey the programme is, which allows the curation tables to be updated and survey tables defined and created. Finally, performs all necessary release curation tasks on the complete set of non-survey data in the load database and creates a release database on the public catalogue server.

Author: R.S. Collins

Organization: WFAU, IfA, University of Edinburgh

To Do: Have an option to prepare the release of just shallow or deep surveys (i.e. first stage run). However, this requires the script to do the ProgrammeBuilder setup first to determine whether it is shallow or deep, then the ProgrammeTable needs to test and skip if not the right type (without failure).

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Performs post-data-ingest curation on non-survey data and automatically prepares release databases.
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  __package__ = 'invocations.cu21'