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Module CheckFitsHeaders

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Check the fits headers against CASU files and add those missing with data from the database (use with pyfits >3.1.0).

Update pix and cats seperately, uncomment the outDir and fitsDir accordingly. Get the list of missing keys by running with the -M option and update DataResults and fitsKeyDict. Run a test (-t) on a slice of fileList first. If the code breaks, don't rerun on processed files, find the new start point first. Run a final check on*: First copy CASU headers into*, then read new headers with -F -H, then get the differences with -F -D.

Author: E. Sutorius

Organization: WFAU, IfA, University of Edinburgh

Contributors: R.S. Collins

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Checks FITS files for missing multiframe IDs or WSATimestamps.
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  __package__ = 'helpers'