SourceTable Member List

This is the complete list of members for SourceTable, including all inherited members.
bigintTest(TableData< Metadata > &aData, int aCol)Table< Numeric > [protected]
bigintTest(TableData< Numeric > &aData, int aCol)Table< Numeric > [inline, protected]
calcMergedClass(const MergeTable &aMergeTable, const CameoSet &aCameoTables)SourceTable
checkData(bool aThrowExceptions=false)Table< Numeric >
checked() constTable< Numeric > [inline]
checkRange()Table< Numeric >
copyPassband(const MergeTable &aMergeTable, const CameoSet &aCameoTables)SourceTable
datetimeTest(TableData< Metadata > &aData, int aCol, int aRow)Table< Numeric > [protected]
datetimeTest(TableData< Numeric > &aData, int aCol, int aRow)Table< Numeric > [inline, protected]
Galaxy enum valueSourceTable [private]
hasNaNs() constTable< Numeric > [inline]
inData() constTable< Numeric > [inline]
inSchema() constTable< Numeric > [inline]
insertAstrometricData(const MergeTable &aMergeTable, const CameoSet &aCameoTables)SourceTable
isInf(Metadata value) constTable< Numeric > [inline, protected]
isInf(Numeric value) constTable< Numeric > [inline, protected]
isNaN(Metadata value) constTable< Numeric > [inline, protected]
isNaN(Numeric value) constTable< Numeric > [inline, protected]
mCheckedTable< Numeric > [protected]
mDataPtrTable< Numeric > [protected]
mHasNaNsTable< Numeric > [protected]
mInfoPtrTable< Numeric > [protected]
Noise enum valueSourceTable [private]
ProbGalaxy enum valueSourceTable [private]
ProbStar enum valueSourceTable [private]
Saturated enum valueSourceTable [private]
SourceClass enum nameSourceTable [private]
SourceTable(TableData< Numeric > *aDataPtr, TableInfo *aInfoPtr)SourceTable [inline]
Star enum valueSourceTable [private]
Table(TableData< Numeric > *aDataPtr, TableInfo *aInfoPtr)Table< Numeric > [inline]
testDump()Table< Numeric >
valueOf(const std::string &aName, unsigned aRow, ADataType &aValue) constTable< Numeric > [inline]
varcharTest(TableData< Metadata > &aData, int aCol, int aRow, unsigned aLength)Table< Numeric > [protected]
varcharTest(TableData< Numeric > &aData, int aCol, int aRow, unsigned aLength)Table< Numeric > [inline, protected]
~SourceTable()SourceTable [inline]
~Table()Table< Numeric > [inline]
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