FrameType< DataType > Member List

This is the complete list of members for FrameType< DataType >, including all inherited members.
DataMethod()DataMethod< DataType > [inline]
determineDetectionSourceAndTarget(const TableInfo *aInfo, int tabNo, const StringMap &aTarget)DataMethod< DataType > [inline]
determineSourceAndTarget(const TableInfo &aInfo, const StringMap &aTarget)DataMethod< DataType > [inline]
doit(TableData< DataType > &data, int row1, int row2)FrameType< DataType > [inline, virtual]
doit2(TableData< DataType > &rawData, TableData< DataType > &data, int row1, int row2)FrameType< DataType > [inline, virtual]
FrameType(const FitsFile &aFile)FrameType< DataType > [inline]
ftypeColnoFrameType< DataType > [private]
getName() const DataMethod< DataType > [inline]
logInfo(const StringMap &aTarget)DataMethod< DataType > [inline]
methodNameDataMethod< DataType > [protected]
mFrameTypeFrameType< DataType > [private]
setSource(IntMap &tbls, IntMap &cols, StringMap units)FrameType< DataType > [inline, virtual]
setTarget(IntMap &cols, StringMap units)FrameType< DataType > [inline, virtual]
useOtherTables(IntMap &sourceTbl, int tabNo)DataMethod< DataType > [inline]
~DataMethod()DataMethod< DataType > [inline, virtual]
~FrameType()FrameType< DataType > [inline, virtual]
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