ByteArray Member List

This is the complete list of members for ByteArray, including all inherited members.
ByteArray(int aRecLength)ByteArray
ByteArray(int aRecLength, int aNumRecords)ByteArray
dump(const std::string &aFileName)ByteArray
getNextWord(int aWordSize, char *aWordAry)ByteArray
getNumRecords()ByteArray [inline]
gobble(const std::string &aFileName)ByteArray
markColumn(int aByte0)ByteArray [inline]
mBufferAryByteArray [private]
mNextByteByteArray [private]
mNumRecordsByteArray [private]
mRecLengthByteArray [private]
mTotalSizeByteArray [private]
putNextWord(int aWordSize, char *aWordAry)ByteArray
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