DataOps.h File Reference

A set of data operation functions. More...

#include "ast.h"
#include <string>
#include "FitsFile.h"
#include "MyException.h"
#include "DataTypes.h"
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class  DataOperationException


namespace  DataOps

A set of data operation functions.


int DataOps::getFilterId (const std::string &filterName)
 Extracts filter ID from the given filter name std::string.
int DataOps::calcJulianDay (int utDate)
 Returns a Julian Day number for the UT date given as YYYYMMDD.
std::string DataOps::getRunNoFromKey (const FitsFile &ff)
 Extract run number from the header.
std::string DataOps::getRunNoFromName (const string filename)
 Extract run number from the filename.
std::string DataOps::getFileTimeStamp (const FitsFile &ff)
 Extract file time stamp from the header.
std::string DataOps::getFrameType (const std::string &filename)
 Extract the frame type from the filename.
std::string DataOps::makeFrameID (const FitsFile &ff)
 Make frame ID from information in opened fitsfile.
double DataOps::calcQuadratic (double c0, double c1, double c2, double arg)
 Evaluates the quantity c0 + c1 * x + c2 * x^2.
void DataOps::calcCartesian (double alpha, double delta, double &cx, double &cy, double &cz)
double DataOps::calcAngsep (double alpha1, double delta1, double alpha2, double delta2)
void DataOps::calcPixSize (AstFrameSet *wcsinfo, double centre[2], double convfact[2], Numeric &xpixSize, Numeric &ypixSize)
 Calculates pixel size in x and y direction.

Detailed Description

A set of data operation functions.

Ian Bond WFAU, IfA, University of Edinburgh
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