Refine Member List

This is the complete list of members for Refine, including all inherited members.
finished()Refine [virtual]
getName() const =0Refine [pure virtual]
matchedObjectPairConsumerRefine [protected]
operator=(Refine const &)Refine [private]
Refine(ObjectPairConsumer *mPPCons, ObjectPairConsumer *uPPCons)Refine
Refine()Refine [private]
Refine(Refine const &)Refine [private]
refine(Object const *a, Object const *b)=0Refine [pure virtual]
reportMatch(Object const *a, Object const *b)Refine [protected, virtual]
reportNoMatch(Object const *a, Object const *b)Refine [protected, virtual]
unmatchedObjectPairConsumerRefine [protected]
~Refine()Refine [inline, virtual]
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