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Acronyms and URLs

AstroGrid - the UK's astronomy data-grid project, which will form the country's contribution to the global VO

CASU - Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit (operated within the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge, funded by PPARC Rolling Grant).

CFITSIO - C/C++ subroutine library for low-level access to FITS data.

DAOphot - community-standard software suite for multiple, simultaneous profile fitting photometry and astrometry for point sources in crowded fields.

DB2 - commercial relational DBMS from IBM

DXS - Deep eXtragalactic Survey component of UKIDSS

DBMS - Data-Base Management System

EDR - Early Data Release of the SDSS

GPS - Galactic Plane Survey component of UKIDSS

GUI - Graphical User Interface

IRMOS - InfraRed Multi-Object Spectrograph for the VLT

JAC - Joint Astronomy Centre at Hawai`i

JREI - Joint Research Equipment Initiative (set up by the DTI, HEFC and the UK Research Councils to provide strategic investment in key scientific infrastructure for research)

LAS - Large Area Survey component of UKIDSS

PHP - Preprocessor Hypertext Protocol

PPARC - Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council

PSF - Point Spread Function

RAID - Redundant Array of Interchangeable Disks (robust mass storage with data striping, and hot-swappable disks).

SDSS - Sloan Digital Sky Survey

SExtractor - community-standard pixel analysis software suite for detection and parameterisation of sources in an image.

SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol

SQL - Structured Query Language

SQLServer - Commercial relational DBMS product from Microsoft

SSS - SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey (WFAU's flagship legacy digitised optical sky survey based on Schmidt photographic plate material; the SSS database is $\sim2$ Tbyte in size making it one of the largest object catalogues currently publicly available).

UDS - Ultra-Deep Survey component of UKIDSS

UKIDSS - UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey

UKIRT - United Kingdom Infrared Telescope

VISTA - Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy (the UK and ESO's new 4m survey telescope to be located in Chile; this will have an infrared camera larger than WFCAM but will not start operating until 2006/7).

VOTable - Vitrual Observatory Table; a proposed transfer protocol for astronomical data in the era of datagrids, e-science and datamining.

VLT - Very Large Telescope; and array of 4 8m telescopes operated in Chile by ESO.

VO - Virtual Observatory: new concept in e-science where data- and compute-grids are linked to form a data mining resource for research in astronomy

WFAU - Wide Field Astronomy Unit (operated within the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh, funded in the main by PPARC Rolling Grant).

WFCAM - Wide Field CAMera; the new infrared imager for UKIRT

WSA - WFCAM Science Archive; the point of access for the astronomy community to obtain WFCAM data and undertake astronomical reasearch.

XML - eXtensible Markup Language

XMM - Xray Multiple-Mirror telescope (spacecraft Xray observatory)

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