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WFCAM represents a leap forward technically, scientifically, and in terms of data volume. We intend to produce standardised data products from pipeline processing of all WFCAM data, including making reliable final survey products for the UKIDSS project. All data will be made available through an on-line science archive, and we expect this to be the main route through which science will be done with WFCAM. Pipeline processing and archive provision present only modest technological problems even for such a large database, but require significant human resource in operation, maintenance, curation, calibration, documentation and so on. The software development problem is as large as one cares to make it, especially for on-line archive service. The simplest levels are relatively easy to implement, but more and more sophisticated kinds of query, federated query, and data analysis services are being expected by users. Our aim is therefore to build improved service incrementally, but also to work explicitly in conjunction with funded VO projects.

Nigel Hambly 2002-10-02