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WFCAM is a wide field IR array camera being built for the United Kingdom Infra Red Telescope (UKIRT) in Hawaii. It will be used partly for open competitive time, but mostly to undertake a large public survey programme known as UKIDSS (UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey). A pipeline reduction system is under construction, which will provide standardised data products, to open-time users as well as the UKIDSS team. These standardised products will be ingested into a public on-line science archive with sophisticated query and analysis facilities. In organisational terms, there are three separate, though closely interlinked projects : (i) WFCAM construction, (ii) UKIDSS survey design and implementation, and (iii) pipeline and archive construction. This paper concentrates on the nature of the WFCAM archive, but first summarises the camera construction and public survey projects.

Nigel Hambly 2002-10-02