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Survey progess Database

There is a requirement for automatic real time monitoring of survey progress with minimal user input via an online databse. This could either be from the normal SYBASE repository, a POSTGRESQL database similar to the experimental one used for monitoring the INT WFS or an interface to the proposed SX archive database discussed later (TBD).

The requirement is for automatic real time monitoring with minimal user input and the provision of simple visualisation of overall survey progress.

This should include interactive GUIs and CLI for querying survey DQC, state of processing, progress of survey, and should also be capable of feedback to observing strategy.

This database could also provide the driver for many of the more advanced processing options that require predefined (asynchronous) observations to have occurred in for example, multiple passbands or muliple visits to the same field for deeper stacking.

Nigel Hambly 2002-10-02