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We estimate that development over the next two years will require approximately 3 FTE (most of this effort will be expended on designing and coding of the UK-side pipeline, photometric calibration and general database design). Thereafter, we estimate that maintaining the pipeline, data products and archive will require 6.5 FTEs. Again, the greater fraction of this will be expended in maintaining, developing and running the pipeline; implementing calibration and maintaining and developing the science archive. Within CASU/WFAU these resource requirements are under review as part of the Units' Rolling Grant review/renewal procedures. We are currently working on the assumption that first light for WFCAM will occur in the final quarter of 2003; the Units Rolling Grants are being reviewed in the first quarter of 2002 with expected grant renenwal covering the period 2002-2007.

Nigel Hambly 2002-10-02