Drummond Community Big Band music library


The following table gives details of all sheet music holdings of the Drummond Community Big Band. Where a given score or part is not available "N/A" appears, otherwise the number of scored parts for that instrument is indicated.

Title  Composer(s)  Arranger  Flute  Alto
Trumpet  Trombone  Keyboard  Guitar  Bass  Drums  Score 
(0/4) Flux Sake   Haftor Medbøe  Haftor Medbøe   122N/AN/A 22111N/AN/A
All the things you are   Jerome Kern   Haftor Medbøe   1221N/A 4411111
Blackbyrd   Donald Byrd  Haftor Medbøe   1221N/A 4411111
Blue Moon   Richard Rodgers  Haftor Medbøe   122N/AN/A 2211111
Cantaloupe Island   Herbie Hancock  Haftor Medbøe   122N/AN/A 2211111
Caravan   Duke Ellington  Haftor Medbøe   122N/AN/A 22111N/A1
Chameleon   Herbie Hancock  Haftor Medbøe   122N/AN/A 2211111
The Chicken    Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis   Haftor Medbøe   122N/AN/A 2211111
The Christmas Song   M.Torme/R.Wells   Haftor Medbøe   1221N/A 2211111
Christmas Turkey   Santa Medbøe  Santa Medbøe   1221N/A 2211111
Doxy   Sonny Rollins  Anon. 1221N/A 4411111
Family Affair   Silvester Stewart   Haftor Medbøe   122N/AN/A 2211111
Ghost Town   T.Hall/J.Dammers  Haftor Medbøe   1221N/A 2211111
Have You Met Miss Jones   Richard Rodgers  Haftor Medbøe   1221N/A 2211111
Heard Ya Missed Me   Sylvester Stewart   Haftor Medbøe   122N/AN/A 2211111
The Holly and the Ivy   Trad./Tiujana Brass  Haftor Medbøe   N/AN/A2N/AN/A 1N/A111N/AN/A
How Insensitive   Antonio Carlos Jobim  Joe Hasper(?)  1221N/A 4411111
I Want You Back   The Jackson Five   Haftor Medbøe   1221N/A 2211111
In A Semi-mental Groove   Nigel Hambly   Nigel Hambly   1(+pic.)3411 32111N/A1
Land of...   Ludovic Navarre   Haftor Medbøe   122N/AN/A 2211111
Low Rider   H.Scott/L.Oskar/J.Goldstein
Haftor Medbøe   122N/AN/A 2211111
Mashion: Impossible   L.Schifrin/R.Strauss   Nigel Hambly   1(+sop)441N/A 421111(congas)1
Milestones   Miles Davis   Nikki MacLeod   N/A111N/A 1111111
Misty   Errol Garner  Joe Hasper  1221N/A 4411111
Moanin'   Bobby Timmons   Nikki MacLeod   122N/AN/A 2211111
O little Town of Bethlehem   Trad./Tiujana Brass  Haftor Medbøe   111N/AN/A 1N/A1111N/A
Old Time Lovin'   Al Green   Haftor Medbøe   122N/AN/A 2211111
Peaches   H.Cornwell/D.Greenfield
Haftor Medbøe   N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
The theme from "Peter Gunn"   Henry Mancini   Nigel Hambly   2(+pic.)3411 42111N/A1
The theme from "Pippi Longstocking"   Anders Berglund   Haftor Medbøe   122N/AN/A 2211111
Road Song   Wes Montgomery   Haftor Medbøe   122N/AN/A 2211111
September Song   Kurt Weill  Joe Hasper  1221N/A 4411111
The theme from "Sesame Street"   Bruce Hart   Haftor Medbøe   1221N/A 24111N/A1
Sex and Drugs and Rock'n'Roll   I.Dury/C.Jankel   Haftor Medbøe   1221N/A 4411111
A Shot in the Dark   Henry Mancini   Nigel Hambly   1441N/A 2211111
Some Skunk Funk   Randy Brecker  Randy Brecker(?)  1221N/A 4411111
Spain   Chick Corea  Joe Hasper  1221N/A 4411111
Stella By Starlight   N.Washington/V.Young  Anon. N/A221N/A 4411111
So What   Miles Davis   N.MacLeod/H.Medbøe   1221N/A 2211111
Soul Intro (to "The Chicken")   Jaco Pastorius  Nigel Hambly   1(+pic.)4411 4211111
Soul Limbo   B.Jones/S.Cropper
Rachel Willmer   N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Sunshine of your Love   J.Bruce/P.Brown/E.Clapton   Haftor Medbøe   1221N/A 4411111
Udder Nonsense   Frank Mantooth  Frank Mantooth  1221N/A 4411111
Watermelon Man   Herbie Hancock   Haftor Medbøe   122N/AN/A 2211111
West Coast Blues   Wes Montgomery   Haftor Medbøe   122N/AN/A 2211111
Worksong   Nat Adderly   Haftor Medbøe   122N/AN/A 2211111
You Got it Bad, Girl   Yvonne Wright   Haftor Medbøe   122N/AN/A 2211111
You've Got to have Freedom   Pharoah Sanders   Haftor Medbøe   1111N/A 1111111

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