Contents of the Special Issue of Earth, Moon and Planets celebrating the conference on the 'First Decadal Review of the Kuiper Belt' held at Antofagasta, Chile, March 2003. Editors John Davies and Luis Barrera, Publication date : Spring 2004. Reference: ISBN 1-4020-1781-2, reprinted from Earth,Moon, and Planets, Volume 92, Nos. 1-4, 2003.

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Name Paper Title Cont/Inv/Extra Status Rx Sent to Ref Comments to author Revised ms Rx Accepted Pages Proof check by editor Proof check by author
Alcock Charles The Taiwanese-American Occultation Survey C   27 Jun 27 Jun 8 July 9 july 10-july 6    
Belskaya Irina Opposition Effect of KBOs, preliminary estimations C   28-Apr 28-Apr 18-June 19-Jun 19-Jun 6    
Boehnhardt Hermann ESO-VLT large programme summary I   28-Apr 28-Apr 10-June 4-Aug 4-Aug 8    
Brucato John Laborary studies of silicates relevant to KBOs C   23-May 23-May; 29-May; 3-June 4-June 8    
Buie Marc Deep Ecliptic Survey   . 9-june 9-June 4-aug 4-Aug 4-Aug 12    
Busarev V Hydrated Silicates on KBO's E   1 May 6 May 27 May 4-JUn 4-jun 6    
Chiang Eugene Resonant and Secular Families of the Kuiper belt. I   24 Apr 12-May 4-July 14-Jul 14-Jul 12   30 Jan-to KLI
Cruikshank + Dalle Ore   Spectral Models of KBOs and Centaurs E   11 June 11 June 17 June 24 Jun 24 Jun 6?   30 Jan
Cooper John Proton Irradiation of Centaur, KB and Oort Cloud objects at Plasma to Cosmic Ray EnergyHeliospheric iteractions with KBOs I Late June 31-June 31-June 7-July 8 Aug 8-Aug 14    
Doressoundiram Alain Colour properties and trends in trans-Neptunian Objects I - 28-May 28-May 20-Jun 3-Jul 4-July; 16    
Dotto Elisabetta Colours and composition of the Centaurs C P end May 6-June 6-June 13-June 7-July 8-July 8   Faxed 4-feb
Elliot James Pluto's Atmosphere and a targeted-occultation search for other bound KBO atmospheres. I   26-May 26-May 27-May 9-June 9-June 20   about 2 Feb
Fernandez Julio The scattered disk population and the Oort Cloud C   12-Apr 30-Apr 18-Jun 19-Jun 19-Jun 6    
Fulchignoni Marcello Towards a Taxonomy of Edeworth-Kuiper Objects: A Multivariate Approach C   June 3 June 4 16 July 12-Aug 12-Aug 8    
Gomes Rodney A New Model for the origin of the High inclination TNO's I   23-Apr 25-Apr 27 July 27 Jul 28 Jul 14    
Grundy Wil Mixing Models, Colours and Thermal Emissions E   28-May 28-May 27-Jun 27-Jun 31-Jun 6    
Ipatov Sergei Migration of trans-Neptunian Objects to the terrestrial planets P   26-May 26-May 15-Jul 30-jul 12-Aug 8    
Jancart Sylvie Tridimensional dissipative semi-numerical model C   12-Apr 25-Apr ? 13-Aug 13-Aug 6   4 Feb
Jewitt David Pan Stars and Kuiper Belt Science C   31 May 31 May 12-Aug 15 Aug 15 Aug 12    
Koeberl Christian Late heavy bombardement; connection to KBOs? C   28-Apr 29-Apr 14-May 2-July 4-July 10    
Kuchner Marc Debris Disks and the Kuiper Belt I P May 1 9-May 10-May 6-jun 4-AUG 4-AUg 12   Fxd to texas 10-feb
Lederer Susan Spectrophotometry of KBO 20000 Varuna,2000 EB173 and Centaur 10199 Chariklo E end June 10-July 10-July 14-july 4-Aug 4-AUg 8    
Levasseur-Regourd Anny-Chantal Laboratory Stdies of Icy Regoliths C Conf 12-May 22-May 2-June 13-Jun 13-Jun 6    
Luu Jane The shape distribution of Kuiper Belt Objects E   24 Jun 25 Jun 30 Jun 4-AUG 4-Aug; 12    
Meech Karen Search for cometary activity in 24952 C   17-Jun 17-JUn 8-jul 4-AUG 4-AUG 14    
Melita Mario Planet X and the extended scattered disk. E C   22-May   17-Jun 27-Jun 8    
Moody Rachel Initial Results from the Southern Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt survey. C   30-Apr 29-Apr 7-May 21-May 21-May 6    
Moore Marla Laboratory mid IR studies of processed ices I P- End May 31-May 31-May 13-Jun 24-June 24-June 20    
Morbidelli Alessandro The Kuiper Belt and its Primordial Sculpting I   3 June 3 June 17 June 10_aug 10 Aug 28    
Moroz Lyuba Ion Irradiation of complex organics I Short 25-Apr 29-Apr 20-May 10-Jun 10-Jun 8   29 jan
Noll Keith Trans-Neptunian Binaries I P 25 April 20-May 20-May 10-Aug 10-AUG 13-Aug 12    
Osip David Physical Characterisation of the Binary EKBO 2001 QT297 C Late arrival 27-Jun 27-jun 31-jun 4-Aug 4-Aug 10    
Prialnik Dina Early thermal and structural evolution of small bodies in the KB zone I   16 June 16 June 8-july 4-Aug 4-Aug 16    
Roques Françoise Search for KBO occultations, first results. C   20 June 20 Jun 31-Jun 4-Aug 4-Aug 4    
Roques Françoise Changes in Pluto's atmopshere revealed by Occultations C P Mid-may 21-May 21-May 4-Aug 4-Aug 4-Aug 2    
Sheppard Scott Light variations of KBOs and the Peculiar nature of 1995 SM55 C   30-May 30-May 6-Jun 14-jul 14-jul 12    
Spencer John Finding the targets for the KBO Flyby I   30-May 30-May 15-July 13-Aug 15-aug 12    
Stephens Denise HST Photometry of Trans-Neptunian Objects C 1-July 1-July 2-July 4-Aug 4-Aug 8   to KLI 4-feb
Stern Alan New Horizons mission   P Mid-may 10 May 17 May 17 May 21 May 21 May 4    
Takato Naruhisa Near Ir colour of the Binary KBO 1998 WW31 C   12-Apr 25-Apr 30-Apr 21-May 21-May 8    
Thebault Philippe A Numerical Check of the Collisional Resurfacing Scenario C   25-Apr 25-Apr 23-Jun 24-Jun 24-Jun 8   28-Jan
Trujillo Chad Caltech Wide area Survey. I   14-May 22-May 10-Jun 6-Aug 6-Aug 12   faxed to gemini 10-feb
Virtanen Jenni TNO ephemeris prediction. C P 1-May 14-May 20-May 1 Aug 1 Aug 1 Aug 6    
West Richard M. The Forest and the Trees (Workshop Summary) I   11-Jun;         8?    
Wyatt Mark Extra Solar Analogues to the Kuiper belt C 20_jun 21 Jun 15-Jul 15-Jul 8-aug 8-aug 14    
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