In Grenoble, relaxing with the University of Durham crew before the JRA-1 meeting at LAM. They are all at he bar behind the fountain.

In the Rue Daguerre in Paris for the June 2013 meeting on GAIA alerts. At the weekend we went to ....

....the Paris Air show, this is an AN-72 transport.

In the northern part of Tenerife, before the OPTICON TAC meeting in April 2013.

We dropped in on the OPTICON project officer in her new office in Brussels in 2013, although the main purpose was attending a meeting about astronomy in Africa

Second trip of the year was to Budapest in March. I was lucky enough to get a lift with Attila Jasko, one of the Konkoly staff who also happens to be a glider pilot, to the aircraft/tank museum at Kecel. Here I am on the steps of a Mil-8 (Nato codename Hip). It was already below freezing when we arrived, two hours later it started to snow quite heavily, but we got back to Budapest OK.

2013 got off to a start with a meeting of the OPTICON Key Technologies Working Group in Delft, Netherlands. It was sunny, as you can see, but it was jolly cold too. I felt sorry for the market traders standing out in it all day, a couple of hours was good enough for me.

More Pictures of Mr McNoceros?

No Rhinoceros were harmed during the filming of the web-page.

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