TEX, HTML, and all that

The main purpose of this page is to advertise the wonderful work of Ian Hutchinson in creating

The TTH package translates TEX into html equations that look quite legible:

dt2 = dt2 - R2(t) [ dr2 + Sk2(r) { dq2 + sin2qdf2} ]

The only problem, which may cause the above to look funny for you, is that X implementations of Netscape need their fonts adjusted for some of the trickery to work. The fix is:

  • (1) Add the following to your .Xdefaults (or .Xresources): Netscape*documentFonts.charset*adobe-fontspecific: iso-8859-1
  • (2) restart the X server.

    A diatribe

    This seems an appropriate place to mention that TTH will also translate LATEX. Personally, I feel that plain TEX provides everything a mathematically literate scientist should need. It gives everyone the freedom to define their own macros and achieve an individual style. You can of course use someone else's macros. LATEX would have been useful as a macro package, but instead it breaks parts of plain TEX, creating something that is not downwards compatible. This is an unforgivable act of vandalism.