Playing the clarinet has been a central part of my life since 1967, when I was introduced to the instrument in the first days of secondary school. This wonderful opportunity was available thanks to the outstanding schools music programme in Bedfordshire. So many people like me benefited from this enlightened provision of free music tuition, and it's sad to see that it is increasingly under threat. After Bedfordshire Youth Orchestra, I spent six years at Cambridge University, where I was principal clarinet of the University Chamber Orchestra and founding principal of the Sinfonia of Cambridge; during this time, I studied with John Myatt. To be honest, a major reason for doing a PhD in astronomy was the feeling that I didn't want to leave the great student music scene at Cambridge. But the musical opportunities in Edinburgh have turned out to be just as rich. Since 1983, I have had the good fortune to be principal clarinet with Scottish Sinfonia, as well as a regular chamber performer with the Edinburgh Ensemble.

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