2.2. The Style Menu

The Style menu provides the option of choosing the design in which the view is displayed. The options in the Style menu depend on the environment in use. The first entry always shows the default style for the respective platform (or for the respective window manager when using X Windows). For example, in a Windows* environment, the user has the option of choosing between the QWindowsXPStyle option, the Windows option and the WindowsXP option. In a KDE environment,the user has the default as QMotifStyle and CDE, Motif, MotifPlus, Platinum, SGI and Windows as other options.

Additional styles may be available when provided by a desktop environment like KDE. If you experience problems with those styles then switch back to the default style. There will be no support in case of problems that cannot be reproduced using the default style.

Figure 2-2. The Style Menu

Figure 2-3. The Style Menu on Windows*