5.13. Number Formatting Settings

Use Number Formatting Settings to change the way numerical values of different units are represented. This dialog allows you to change the number of digits shown and the format in which the numerical value is shown for each unit. The number of digits is either interpreted as digits after the decimal point or as the number of valid (non zero) digits. The exact interpretation is dependent on the fact if the chosen format bases on the plain printf-format %f or %g.

Figure 5-17. Number Formatting Settings

At the bottom of the Number Formatting Settings dialog box, there is a check box that controls repainting. In the checked state, it ensures that all open Views are repainted upon Apply or OK to take on the new values. Unchecked, the changes in the format will only be visible with the next update. All values can be restored to their default by using the Default All button or by using the individual Default buttons for each number type.