5.7. Source View Dialog

The Source View dialog box is opened from the Details dialog box (see Section 5.6) if source code location information is available in the trace file.

The dialog box consists of a combo box to choose processes, a text browser in the center and a list box representing the call stack at the bottom.

Figure 5-11. The Source View dialog box

The combo box allows selecting from several processes (functions) if the dialog box was opened for a collective operation, from two processes if it was opened for a message and it degenerates to a label if the dialog box was opened for a function event.

The text browser shows a source file. The line corresponding to the current stack level is shown highlighted in reverse video.

The list at the bottom allows to select from the stack levels that were stored with the source code location information. Selecting an entry from this list switches the text browser to the file and line number matching the stack level.

The default is to search source code files in the current directory and the directory of the current trace file. If no source files are found, then a file open dialog box is shown to manually specify the source file to load. The specified path is added to the directory search path. Use the entry File Default/UserDefines SCLSearchPaths in the configuration dialog box to specify additional directories to be searched. Refer to Section 5.10.1 for details.