4.7. The Collective Operations Profile

The Collective Operations Profile enables analyzing communication patterns that are done using MPI Collective Operations. Like the Message Profile (see Section 4.6), the Collective Operations are also represented in a color-coded matrix format. The default matrix shows the type of the Collective Operation as the row label and the process as the column label.

Figure 4-42. Collective Operations Profile

The precision of the values shown can be adjusted as explained in Section 4.6.

4.7.1. Mouse Hover

When the mouse is positioned over any point in the matrix then detailed information for the current cell is shown in the View's status bar in the form "$AttributeValue ($RowLabel, $ColumnLabel) ". This allows getting exact attribute values even if the cells are configured to be very small or to show no alphanumerical entries at all.

4.7.2. Collective Operations Profile Settings

The Collective Operations Settings adjusts the various attributes that affect how the Chart is displayed. This includes the colors, the layout and the statistical attributes. The Settings dialog box is divided into three tabs namely the Preferences tab, the Colors tab and the Data tab.

4.7.3. The Context Menu

The context menu in the Collective Operations Profile mainly consists of the following entries:

Figure 4-44. Context menu of the Collective Operations Profile

4.7.4. Filtering and Tagging

Tagged cells are emphasized by a small additional frame around the cell in the color of the alphanumerical entry in the cell. A cell is tagged as soon as a single tagged message falls into that cell. For more information on tagging and filtering, refer to Section 9.3.