4.4. Counter Timeline

The Counter Timeline shows the values of all counters that a given trace file provides. The Intel® Trace Collector records user-defined counters or counters provided by the operating system. Please refer to the Intel Trace Collector documentation to learn more about tracing counters.

Figure 4-20. The settings dialog showing all counters available in the trace with their type and scope

Figure 4-21. Some counters with differing scopes, zoomed in

The Counter Timeline as shown in Figure 4-21 shows counters with the scopes Valid BEFORE point, Valid AFTER point, Valid AT point and Curve. The time interval is small enough so that no counter samples are merged over time (Section 9.1). The sample points are indicated by markers.

The sample points for counters with the attribute Curve are connected by line segments. Samples with the attribute Valid AT point are shown by markers. Samples of counters with other scopes are shown by short, unconnected horizontal line segments before or after the sample.

Figure 4-22. Some counters with differing scopes, zoomed out

The Counter Timeline as shown in Figure 4-22 shows the same counters as in Figure 4-21 but zoomed out. Notice that there are no markers anymore because the values shown represent samples that were merged over time. To force that effect the View was made very narrow.

4.4.1. Mouse Hover

When the mouse pointer hovers over the Counter Timeline, its exact position in time is shown in the View's status bar. If the mouse pointer is near a sample point then the respective value is shown.

4.4.2. Counter Timeline Settings

The Settings dialog box in the Counter Timeline has three tabs - the Preferences tab, the Counters tab and the Processes tab.

Figure 4-23. Counter Timeline Settings Dialog box

4.4.3. The Context Menu

The context menu of the Counter Timeline provides the common entries as defined in Section 4.8.

4.4.4. Filtering and Tagging

The filter mechanism in the Intel Trace Analyzer does not cover counters. Therefore the Counter Timeline is independent of the View's filter settings.