Chapter 2. The Main Menu

The main menu of the Intel® Trace Analyzer contains options using which the general settings of the Analyzer can be changed. Use these entries to edit the configuration settings and the display style.

There are four sub-menus in the main menu. These are:

  1. File Menu

  2. Style Menu

  3. The Windows* Menu

  4. Help Menu

2.1. The File Menu

The File menu has four entries. The Open menu entry opens a dialog. Specify one or several trace files to open in this dialog.

Figure 2-1. The File Menu

To select a new configuration, use the Load Configuration entry. This opens a dialog where the required configuration is selected.

The option Edit Configuration opens the Configuration dialog which is explained in Section 5.10.1.

The Quit entry exits the Intel Trace Analyzer. Below the Quit entry, there is a list of the ten trace files opened most recently.