Chris Evans

Head of Science & UK ELT Programme Lead

UK Astronomy Technology Centre, Edinburgh

Part of the Science & Technology Facilities Council

I'm leading the UK's development programme for instrumentation for the Extremely Large Telescope, now under construction by ESO. My research is primarily concerned with the evolution of massive stars, with wider interest in stellar clusters, the Magellanic Clouds and other Local Group galaxies. In the increasingly distant past I was a postdoc at the ING in La Palma (2002-2005), and before that a student/postdoc at UCL.

  • PI of the VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey [Paper I]

         • Science article (JAN'18):An excess of massive stars in the local 30 Doradus starburst

         • Paper XXVII:Physical parameters of B-type main-sequence binaries in the Tarantula nebula

         • Paper XXVI:Properties of the O dwarf population in 30 Doradus

         • Paper XXV:Surface nitrogen abundances of O-type giants and supergiants

  • Selected ELT work:

         • MOSAIC Project Scientist: SPIE 2016 paper

         • The Science Case for Multi-Object Spectroscopy on the E-ELT - White Paper, Jan. 2015

         • The potential of J-band stellar spectroscopy with ELTs

         • AO performances in cosmological deep fields

  • Selected other projects as co-I:

         • HARMONI: First-light integral-field spectrograph for the E-ELT

         • MOONS: A new near-IR MOS for ESO's VLT

         • HTTP: Hubble Tarantula Treasury Project [Paper I / AAS223 Release]

         • VMC: The VISTA Magellanic Clouds Survey [Paper I]

    I'm a Visiting Professor at UoE's Institute for Astronomy, and currently supervise one PhD student: Jaime Villaseñor

    Past PhD students:

  • Dr Lee Patrick: NGC 6822 abundances / RSGs in NGC 2100 / NGC 55 metallicity
  • Dr Vincent Hénault-Brunet:SMC HMXB / R136 rotation / R136 dispersion
  • Dr William Taylor: R139 letter / Sher 25
  • Dr Michael Campbell: MAD R136

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    UK ATC, Royal Observatory, Blackford Hill, Edinburgh, EH9 3HJ, UK
    Telephone: +44-131-668-8364


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