Cosmological inflation and large-scale structure: typos

I'm sure there'll be lots of trivial typos, and here are a few. If you want to tell me about others, send an e-mail to

Page 2, line 32: `phase' to `phrase'.

Page 43, line 12: Delete `As before'.

Page 69/70/148/149: For consistency of notation, in Eqs4.41, 4.43, 6.25 and 6.32 the notation gklm should really be glm(k).

Page 88, 3rd para, line 1: `we makes' to `we make'.

Page 93, Eq4.145: The italic `a' on the left-hand side should be a boldface `a'.

Page 118: Line after Eq5.34, `unitary' should be `unitarity'.

Page 140: 8th last line, should be sigma0(R), not sigma0(M).

Page 146: In Eq6.18, the symbol `e' should be boldfaced in each of its three appearances.

Page 151: In the figure caption `spectral' to `spectra'.

Page 155, 4th last line: `as we see' to `as we will see'.

Page 175, 7th last line: 'have already have' to `have already'.

Page 177, 2 lines after Eq7.64: `but we see' to `but we shall see'.

Page 184, line 7:  `in the next section' to `Section 7.6'.

Page 201, footnote: 'discusse' to `discussed'.

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Last updated: March 2006
Andrew Liddle