An Introduction to Modern Cosmology, 2nd edition: image gallery

I'm hoping that eventually this page will hold a reasonable repository of figures and links relating to the book. For now, here are full colour version of some of the images from Chapter 2.

HST image of M100 galaxy [Click for full size] If viewed from above the disk, our own Milky Way galaxy would probably resemble the M100 galaxy, imaged here by the Hubble Space Telescope. [Figure courtesy NASA]

CfA galaxy survey [Click for full size]A map of galaxy positions in a narrow slice of the Universe, as identified by the CfA (Center for Astrophysics) redshift survey. Our galaxy is located at the apex, and the radius is around 200 Mpc. The galaxy positions were obtained by measurement of the shift of spectral lines, as described in Section 2.4. While more modern and extensive galaxy redshift surveys exist, this survey still gives one of the best impressions of structure in the Universe. [Figure courtesy Lars Christensen]
Optical image of Coma [Click for full size] X-ray image of Coma [Click for full size]
Images of the Coma cluster of galaxies in visible light (left) and in X-rays (right), on the same scale. [Figures courtesy of the Digitized Sky Survey, ROSAT and SkyView]

For detailed information about some of the key recent observations, try

The WMAP satellite home page

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Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) home page

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