An Introduction to Modern Cosmology, 2nd edition: errata

German language edition

Pages 17: There should not be a y before the integral sign in Eq2.9.

Pages 27, 113, 122: Unfortunately, due to an error in the translation process, the acceleration equation is reproduced wrongly on each of these three pages. Eqs 3.18, 13.7 and 14.2 should each have a minus sign on the right-hand side, after the equality.

Page 82: In the fifth line of Problem 9.1, the `-5' should be in the exponent.

Page 96: There should be a `simeq' sign (tilde on top of line, indicating approximate equality) before the fraction with the temperature.

Page 120: The formula given in Problem 13.3 differs slightly from the version given as Equation 11.12; ideally they would have matched. The latter is more accurate, but for the purposes of the Problem the numerical difference is irrelevant.

Page 134: The raised index on the second `T' should be an alpha, not an a.

Page 191: In the answer to Problem 10.2, the units at the end of the first line should be kg m-3.

Page 192: The answer to Eq12.2 should be given as Y4 = 0.04 (I changed tnuc from the earlier editions and forgot to correct this).

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Andrew Liddle
Last update: January 2010