Image of coverAn Introduction to Modern Cosmology

2009: Updated 2nd edition now available with updates, corrections, and an extra Advanced Topic.

Andrew Liddle

John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, 2003

ISBN  0-470-84835-7 (pbk), 0-470-84834-0 (hbk),  193 pages

Available in paperback and hardback

Includes 42 grey-scale and black and white figures, and over 50 problems with hints and answers.

As the name implies, this textbook provides an introduction to modern cosmology. It is intended for use as an undergraduate textbook, at a level roughly suitable for the last or penultimate year of a degree course. The emphasis is placed on the application of basic ideas in physics, including thermodynamics, atomic physics and nuclear physics. General relativity is avoided and is not a pre-requisite. A minimal course uses the main 15 chapters, and there are several Advanced Topic chapters that can be slotted in as additional material.


Chapter 1:    A Brief History of Cosmological Ideas
Chapter 2:    Observational Overview
Chapter 3:    Newtonian Gravity
Chapter 4:    The Geometry of the Universe
Chapter 5:    Simple Cosmological Models
Chapter 6:    Observational Parameters
Chapter 7:    The Cosmological Constant
Chapter 8:    The Age of the Universe
Chapter 9:    The Density of the Universe and Dark Matter
Chapter 10:    The Cosmic Microwave Background
Chapter 11:    The Early Universe
Chapter 12:    Nucleosynthesis: the Origin of the Light Elements
Chapter 13:    The Inflationary Universe
Chapter 14:    The Initial Singularity
Chapter 15:    Overview: The Standard Cosmological Model
Advanced Topic 1:    General Relativistic Cosmology
Advanced Topic 2:    Classic Cosmology: Distances and Luminosities
Advanced Topic 3:    Neutrino Cosmology
Advanced Topic 4:    Baryogenesis
Advanced Topic 5:    Structures in the Universe
Advanced Topic 6:    Constraining Cosmological Models   (from December 2008 reprinting onwards)

Published by John Wiley & Sons.

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