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An Introduction to Modern Cosmology

1st Edition

Andrew Liddle

John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, 1999

ISBN  0-471-98758-1 (pbk), 0-471-98757-3 (hbk),  142 pages

Paperback  £15.99        Hardback  £39.99

Includes 4 colour and 31 black and white figures, and nearly 50 problems with hints and answers.

New Scientist says `clear, concise and accessible' (March 13th 1999).

Current Amazon review rating: 4.67 stars  (OK, based on only three reviews but at least none were by me). The 4-star reviewer says `This book is the most clearly written book I have ever read. Liddle has a knack for making difficult concepts easy to comprehend through his use of analogies and vividly accurate descriptions.'

As the name implies, this textbook provides an introduction to modern cosmology. It is intended for use as an undergraduate textbook, at a level roughly suitable for the last or penultimate year of a degree course. The emphasis is placed on the application of basic ideas in physics, including thermodynamics, atomic physics and nuclear physics. General relativity is avoided and is not a pre-requisite.


A Brief History of Cosmological Ideas
Observational Overview
Newtonian Gravity
Newtonian Cosmological Models
The Geometry of the Universe
Observational Parameters
The Age of the Universe
The Density of the Universe and Dark Matter
The Cosmic Microwave Background
The Early Universe
Nucleosynthesis: the Origin of the Light Elements
The Inflationary Universe
Structures in the Universe
The Initial Singularity

Published by John Wiley & Sons.

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