Alexander "Sandy" Rogers

Since september 2010 I have been a PhD student at the Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, based at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh.

My work, with Ross McLure and Jim Dunlop, focusses on observing galaxies at redshift z=7 and above, during the epoch of reionization. These were some of the first galaxies to form in the universe. Specifically, I’m interested in the stellar populations of these galaxies - observed photometrically in data sets like the Hubble Ultra Deep Field.

Recent publications

Rogers, McLure and Dunlop. The unbiased measurement of UV spectral slopes in low luminosity galaxies at z=7
MNRAS ( DOI: 10.1093/mnras/sts515 )

Robertson et al. New Constraints on Cosmic Reionization from the 2012 Hubble Ultra Deep Field Campaign
ApJ, submitted ( )

McLure et al. A new multi-field determination of the galaxy luminosity function at z=7-9 incorporating the 2012 Hubble Ultra Deep Field imaging
MNRAS, submitted ( )

Schenker et al. The UV Luminosity Function of star-forming galaxies via dropout selection at redshifts z ~ 7 and 8 from the 2012 Ultra Deep Field campaign
ApJ, submitted ( )

Ono et al. Evolution of the Sizes of Galaxies over 7<z<12 Revealed by the 2012 Hubble Ultra Deep Field Campaign
ApJ, submitted (

Koekemoer et al. The 2012 Hubble Ultra Deep Field (UDF12): Observational Overview
ApJS, submitted ( )

Dunlop, Rogers et al. The UV continua and inferred stellar populations of galaxies at z ~ 7 - 9 revealed by the Hubble Ultra Deep Field 2012 campaign
MNRAS, submitted ( )

Ellis et al. The Abundance of Star-Forming Galaxies in the Redshift Range 8.5 to 12: New Results from the 2012 Hubble Ultra Deep Field Campaign
ApJL ( DOI: 10.1088/2041-8205/763/1/L7 )

Curtis-Lake et al. The ages, masses and star-formation rates of spectroscopically confirmed z~6 galaxies in CANDELS
MNRAS ( DOI: 10.1093/mnras/sts338 )

Bowler et al. Discovery of bright z ~ 7 galaxies in the UltraVISTA survey
MNRAS ( DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2012.21904.x )

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Previous research

Milimetre-wave radar remote sensing of volcanic ash clouds

My Master’s project in Physics (MPhys Physics, St Andrews, 2010) focussed on measuring the complex dielectric constant of volcanic ash at millimetre wave frequencies. This is an important measurement in enabling the use of millimetre wave radar (e.g. AVTIS ) for volcanic plume measurements.

The work, with Duncan Robertson and David Macfarlane , is detailed in Rogers et al. (2010), GRSL and the project was selected as a finalist for the 2010 SET award (Physics Student of the Year) .

February 2013