Detectability of baryon oscillations

detectable features

A comparison of the fiducial &Lambda CDM model (solid line) with a variant of the model having no baryons (dashed line). The dotted error bars are predictions for the 1&sigma errors in uncorrelated bins as measurable in the SDSS Northern Polar Cap survey, assuming the underlying model is &Lambda CDM. The smaller solid error bars are for the Luminous Red Galaxy sample. The fiducial model has &Omega0 = 0.4, &Omega&Lambda = 0.6, H0 = 65 km s-1 Mpc-1, &Omegab h2 = 0.03 and n = 1.030. The non-baryonic model has n = 0.96, H0 = 56 km s-1 Mpc-1, and &Omegab = 0. Both models are COBE normalised, and divided by a matching BBKS model with &Gamma* = 0.198. (The small ``oscillations'' in the non-baryonic model at 0.03 < k < 0.06h Mpc-1 are due to the limited accuracy of the non-linear calculation at low k, and are not physical.) (From Meiksin & White 1999, MNRAS, 304, 851.)

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