The effect of non-linear evolution on the baryonic features

P(k) features

The effect of non-linear evolution on the oscillations in the power spectrum. The solid line shows the ratio of the linear power spectrum for a model with &Omega0 = 0.4, &Omega&Lambda = 0.6, H0 = 65 km s-1 Mpc-1, &Omegab h2 = 0.03 and n = 1.030 to a BBKS model. The BBKS transfer function has &Gamma* = 0.198, and the model is COBE normalised. The dashed line shows the ratio including 2nd order corrections. The small arrow near k = 0.2 h Mpc-1 indicates where &Delta2(k) = 1. The open squares are the results from N-body simulations with the Cold Dark Matter spectrum in real space, solid squares the results in redshift space. Note that the oscillations for k > 0.1 h Mpc-1 are washed out. (From Meiksin & White 1999, MNRAS, 304, 851.)

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