Creative Space

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Are you curious and creative? So are Astronomers and Engineers! Hear about their hidden world and the challenges they face. Then have a go at using your creativity to make something special.

Two new events each month throughout the summer. Thursday evenings for adults (big kids!) only, and Friday afternoons for families. Select a date/time below to book tickets. If you need assistance making a booking please Contact Us.

Creative Space: Mega Mirrors

12th July (adults only event 19:30-21:00) and 13th July (family event 14:00-15:30)

The bigger the mirror the more light it can collect, from even the faintest and most distant objects in space. Hear about the Extremely Large Telescope which will have a mega mirror of 39 metres across, made from 798 segments. Use super shiny materials to create your own mirrored masterpiece.

Creative Space: Patterns of Life

9th August (adults only event 19:30-21:00) and 10th August (family event 14:00-15:30)

With over 3,000 exoplanets discovered, how do astronomers choose which ones to investigate? And how would we look for any patterns of life? Make your own exoplanet model based on scientific data and learn about how new space missions will help us discover more about these mysterious distant worlds.

Creative Space: Coding for Astronomy

6th September (adults only event 19:30-21:00) and 7th September (family event 14:00-15:30)

New space technology means that astronomers are now able to collect vast amounts of data at record speed. Find out how software engineers at the Royal Observatory use computer programming to control the flow of information and complete a space themed coding challenge of your own.