UKST Plate Catalogue

Please go here for a description of the catalogue.

NB All RAs and Decs are to be given as INTEGERS: hhmmt (t is tenths of min), #ddmm (# is +/-), eg for 12h 30m 20s -10 15 23 enter 12303 -1015, the equinox used is B1950.
You do not have to use/fill in all the boxes to do a search.

Output order:

Plate number range (min, max):

Plate centre range:
(ramin, ramax, decmin, decmax)


Exposure time range (min, max) in minutes x10 :

Prism or Direct plates only?

T Number:

Field Number:

Containing a position (RA, Dec)

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written by M.Drinkwater
copied and installed at ROE by M.Read