Royal Observatory Edinburgh Astronomy Posters

Please note that the posters are no longer being offered for sale. Please send any enquiries regarding these posters to:


The Royal Observatory Edinburgh has acquired a large stock of colour posters of the three subjects listed below. The Observatory wishes to make the posters available to as wide a market as possible and is inviting schools, science centres, astronomy resource centres and similar institutions to purchase these posters at cost price for use or onward distribution for educational purposes. The cost of each poster is 30p (plus p&p plus VAT). In order to save administration and distribution costs the minimum order at this price will be 300 posters.

The posters will be supplied with an information sheet describing the objects on each poster. The full-colour posters (size approx 22x29 inches) available are:

The posters can be also ordered (as a set of three) by post from the address below for 6.00 pounds inclusive of VAT and postage and packing within the U.K. (cheques payable to ``Royal Observatory Edinburgh'')

Customers outside the U.K. should note that the varying postage charges will affect the final price.

There are also limited numbers of posters of two more popular images available (The Rho Ophiuchi complex and the Vela Supernova Remnant). The cost of these will be 2.50 pounds each (plus VAT and p&p). The cost for the set of 5 posters (inluding VAT & p&p) is 14.50 pounds - make cheques payable to Royal Observatory Edinburgh

To order these posters, to obtain quotes for smaller orders or to receive further information please contact:

Institute for Astronomy
Royal Observatory 
Blackford Hill
Edinburgh EH9 3HJ     e-mail:
Scotland              tel: 0131 668 8330  

updated October 2003
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