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FORTRAN Routines

Packaged access to SuperCOSMOS mapping mode data from FORTRAN is provided by the COSMAP routines. These provide a FORTRAN-callable interface to the bigio library which actually accesses mapping data. Both bigio and COSMAP are written in C, and the Starlink CNF/F77 utilities are also required to enable a FORTRAN program to be linked successfully.

You can

get COSMAP from ROE by ftp

get bigio from ROE by ftp

get CNF from Starlink by ftp

When you have unpacked the tar files you need to compile them all using cc.


cc -c -o bigio.o bigio.c

Note that COSMAP needs to include header files from both CNF and bigio.

Standalone applications written in FORTRAN can then be compiled and linked using a command such as

f77 -o writemap writemap.f cosmap.o bigio.o cnf.o

SuperCOSMOS development
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