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Refereed publications: 2004

  1. $\ast$Relation of radio-quiet quasars to galaxy clusters at z $\sim$ 0.3
    Söchting, I. K., Clowes, R. G., Campusano, L. E. (3 authors)
    MNRAS 347 (2004) 1241

  2. $\ast$Cleaning sky survey data bases using Hough transform and renewal string approaches
    Storkey, A. J., Hambly, N. C., Williams, C. K. I., Mann, R. G. (5 authors)
    MNRAS 347 (2004) 36

  3. $\ast$Naked active galactic nuclei
    Hawkins, M. R. S. (3 authors)
    A&A 424 (2004) 519

  4. $\ast$Proper motion surveys of the young open clusters Alpha Persei and the Pleiades
    Deacon, N. R., Hambly, N. C. (2 authors)
    A&A 416 (2004) 125

  5. $\ast$The Solar Neighbourhood VIII: Discovery of new high proper motion nearby stars using the SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey
    Hambly, N.C., Henry, T.J., Subsavage, J.P., Brown, M.A., Jao, W.-C. (5 authors):
    AJ 128 (2004) 437

  6. $\ast$The Liverpool-Edinburgh high proper motion catalogue
    Pokorny, R.S., Jones, H.R.A., Hambly, N.C., Pinfield, D.J. (4 authors)
    A&A 421 (2004) 763

  7. The Millenium Glaxay Catalogue: the photometric accuracy, completeness and contamination of the 2dFGRS and SDSS-EDR/DR1 datasets
    Cross, N.J.G., Driver, S.P., Liske, J., Lemon, D.J., Peacock, J.A., Cole, S., Norberg, P., Sutherland, W.J. (8 authors)
    MNRAS 349 (2004) 576

  8. Astrometric proof of companionship for the L dwarf companion candidate GJ 1048B
    Seifahrt, A., Neuhäuser, R., Mugrauer, M. (3 authors):
    A&A 421 (2004) 255

  9. The 6dF Galaxy Survey: Samples, Observational Techniques and the First Data Release
    Heath Jones, D. et al. (23 authors):
    MNRAS 355 (2004) 747

  10. Discovery of a WO star in the Scutum-Crux arm of the inner Galaxy
    Drew, J.E. et al. (8 authors):
    MNRAS 351 (2004) 206

  11. Triggered star formation in the inner wing of the SMC. Two possible supernova explosions in the N83-84-85 region
    Bratsolis, E., Kontizas, M., Bellas-Velidis, I. (3 authors)
    A&A 423 (2004) 919

  12. PFP 1: A Large Planetary Nebula Caught in the First Stages of ISM Interaction
    Pierce, M. J., Frew, D. J., Parker, Q. A., Köppen, J. (4 authors)
    PASA 21 (2004) 334

  13. A new strongly X-ray flaring M 9 dwarf in the solar neighborhood
    Hambaryan, V., Staude, A., Schwope, A. D., Scholz, R.-D., Kimeswenger, S., Neuhäuser, R. (6 authors)
    A&A 415 (2004) 265

  14. An active M8.5 dwarf wide companion to the M4/DA binary LHS 4039/LHS 4040
    Scholz, R.-D., Lodieu, N., Ibata, R., Bienaymé, O., Irwin, M., McCaughrean, M. J., Schwope, A. (7 authors)
    MNRAS 347 (2004) 685

  15. E3D, the Euro3D visualization tool II: Mosaics, VIMOS data and large IFUs of the future
    Sánchez, S. F., Becker, T., Kelz, A. (3 authors)
    Astronomische Nachrichten 325 (2004) 171

  16. The Ultraluminous X-Ray Source NGC 1313 X-2 (MS 0317.7-6647) and Its Environment
    Zampieri, L., Mucciarelli, P., Falomo, R., Kaaret, P., Di Stefano, R., Turolla, R., Chieregato, M., Treves, A. (8 authors)
    ApJ 603 (2004) 523

  17. The nearest cool white dwarf (d $\sim$4 pc), the coolest M-type subdwarf (sdM9.5), and other high proper motion discoveries
    Scholz, R.-D., Lehmann, I., Matute, I., Zinnecker, H. (4 authors)
    A&A 425 (2004) 519

  18. Low mass stars, brown dwarf candidates and the mass function of the young open cluster NGC 2547
    Jeffries, R. D., Naylor, T., Devey, C. R., Totten, E. J. (4 authors)
    MNRAS 351 (2004) 1401

  19. AGN and starburst radio activity in the A3558 cluster complex
    Giacintucci, S., Venturi, T., Bardelli, S., Dallacasa, D., Zucca, E. (3 authors)
    A&A 419 (2004) 71

  20. The 2dF QSO Redshift Survey - XII. The spectroscopic catalogue and luminosity function
    Croom, S. M., Smith, R. J., Boyle, B. J., Shanks, T., Miller, L., Outram, P. J., Loaring, N. S. (7 authors)
    MNRAS 349 (2004) 1397

  21. Star formation and the environment of nearby field galaxies
    Mateus, A., Sodré, L. (2 authors)
    MNRAS 349 (2004) 1251

  22. The Large Scale Distribution of Galaxies in the Shapley Supercluster
    Drinkwater, M. J., Parker, Q. A., Proust, D., Slezak, E., Quintana, H. (5 authors)
    PASA 21 (2004) 89

  23. The 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey: the blue galaxy fraction and implications for the Butcher-Oemler effect
    De Propris, R. et al. (31 authors)
    MNRAS 351 (2004) 125

  24. Praesepe and the seven white dwarfs
    Dobbie, P. D., Pinfield, D. J., Napiwotzki, R., Hambly, N. C., Burleigh, M. R., Barstow, M. A., Jameson, R. F., Hubeny, I. (8 authors)
    MNRAS 355 (2004) L39

  25. The cosmological significance of low surface brightness galaxies found in a deep blind neutral hydrogen survey
    Minchin, R. F., Disney, M. J., Parker, Q. A., Boyce, P. J., de Blok, W. J. G., Banks, G. D., Ekers, R. D., Freeman, K. C., Garcia, D. A., Gibson, B. K., Grossi, M., Haynes, R. F., Knezek, P. M., Lang, R. H., Malin, D. F., Price, R. M., Putman, M., Stewart, I. M., Wright, A. E. (19 authors)
    MNRAS 355 (2004) 1303

  26. Galaxy groups in the Two-degree Field Galaxy Redshift Survey: the luminous content of the groups
    Eke, V. R., Frenk, C. S., Baugh, C. M., Cole, S., Norberg, P., Peacock, J. A., Baldry, I. K., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Bridges, T., Cannon, R., Colless, M., Collins, C., Couch, W., Dalton, G., de Propris, R., Driver, S. P., Efstathiou, G., Ellis, R. S., Glazebrook, K., Jackson, C. A., Lahav, O., Lewis, I., Lumsden, S., Maddox, S. J., Madgwick, D., Peterson, B. A., Sutherland, W., Taylor, K. (28 authors)
    MNRAS 355 (2004) 769

  27. The 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey: the local E+A galaxy population
    Blake, C., Pracy, M. B., Couch, W. J., Bekki, K., Lewis, I., Glazebrook, K., Baldry, I. K., Baugh, C. M., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Bridges, T., Cannon, R., Cole, S., Colless, M., Collins, C., Dalton, G., De Propris, R., Driver, S. P., Efstathiou, G., Ellis, R. S., Frenk, C. S., Jackson, C., Lahav, O., Lumsden, S., Maddox, S., Madgwick, D., Norberg, P., Peacock, J. A., Peterson, B. A., Sutherland, W., Taylor, K. (30 authors)
    MNRAS 355 (2004) 713

  28. Spectrophotometric and Weak Lensing Survey of a Supercluster and Typical Field Region. I. Spectroscopic Redshift Measurements
    Smith, R. E., Dahle, H., Maddox, S. J., Lilje, P. B. (4 authors)
    ApJ 617 (2004) 811

  29. $\ast$SSSPM J1444-2019: An extremely high proper motion, ultracool subdwarf
    Scholz, R.-D., Lodieu, N., McCaughrean, M. J. (3 authors)
    A&A 428 (2004) L25

  30. Disk or halo white dwarfs?. Kinematic analysis of high proper motion surveys
    Spagna, A., Carollo, D., Lattanzi, M. G., Bucciarelli, B. (4 authors)
    A&A 428 (2004) 451

  31. First results from the Australia Telescope Compact Array 18-GHz pilot survey
    Ricci, R., Sadler, E. M., Ekers, R. D., Staveley-Smith, L., Wilson, W. E., Kesteven, M. J., Subrahmanyan, R., Walker, M. A., Jackson, C. A., De Zotti, G. (10 authors)
    MNRAS 354 (2004) 305

  32. Young Stars Near the Sun
    Zuckerman, B., Song, I. (2 authors)
    ARA&A 42 (2004) 685

  33. The Phoenix Deep Survey: Optical and Near-infrared Imaging Catalogs
    Sullivan, M., Hopkins, A. M., Afonso, J., Georgakakis, A., Chan, B., Cram, L. E., Mobasher, B., Almeida, C. (8 authors)
    ApJS 155 (2004) 1

  34. ESO 215-G?009: An Extreme H I-Rich Dwarf Irregular Galaxy
    Warren, B. E., Jerjen, H., Koribalski, B. S. (3 authors)
    AJ 128 (2004) 1152

  35. 2QZJ 215454.3-305654: a radio-quiet BL Lacertae object or lineless quasi-stellar object?
    Londish, D., Heidt, J., Boyle, B. J., Croom, S. M., Kedziora-Chudczer, L. (5 authors)
    MNRAS 352 (2004) 903

  36. New nearby stars in the Liverpool-Edinburgh high proper motion survey selected by DENIS photometry
    Reylé, C., Robin, A. C. (2 authors)
    A&A 421 (2004) 643

  37. A binary system of tailed radio galaxies
    Klamer, I., Subrahmanyan, R., Hunstead, R. W. (3 authors)
    MNRAS 351 (2004) 101

  38. X-ray source populations in the Galactic plane
    Hands, A. D. P., Warwick, R. S., Watson, M. G., Helfand, D. J. (4 authors)
    MNRAS 351 (2004) 31

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